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We are proud to offer our expertise in the following protocol areas:


Our experience with the Hypertext Transfer Protocol comes from working on the popular Squid caching proxy, from developing the Web Polygraph performance benchmarking suite, and from Co-Advisor, which covers RFC 2616 MUST-level requirements related to proxies.


Our Co-Advisor test suite covers all MUST-level RFC 3507 requirements for ICAP servers. We are maintaing ICAP specification errata. We have helped write and test Squid's ICAP client implementation.


We collaborate with others in measuring DNS traffic at critical locations, such as the root servers. In conjunction with this research, we provide open-source tools to aid ISPs and other organizations in understanding their own DNS traffic. We've also developed in-house tools for simulating a hierarchy of DNS servers. See our DNS page for further information.

IPv4 Address Maps

Our IPv4 mapping software produces colorful visualizations of address space utilization, routing, and any large datasets of IPv4 addresses. Our Maps page includes a gallery of examples, access to the software, and links to similar mapping efforts.


The list below highlights the major services offered by The Measurement Factory. Our specialties are sophisticated and realistic tests, as well as customized test suite development.

  • Custom modifications of testing software
  • On- and off-site performance testing
  • Protocol compliance testing
  • Benchmarking lab design and recommendations
  • On- and off-site training
  • Best-effort and priority support
  • General protocol performance and compliance consulting

All for-fee software development projects are delivered on-time and usually come with a 100% satisfaction, money-back guarantee.

Our clients include a variety of companies, from big corporations like Cisco, Network Appliance, or Microsoft, to smaller aggressive players like Clearswift or WebWasher, to tiny startups in stealth mode that do not even want their name to be mentioned in public (yet).

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