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Our protocol functionality test suite. Co-Advisor can test HTTP (RFC 2616) intermediaries and ICAP (RFC 3507) servers, focusing on MUST-level protocol requirements. We offer an on-line Co-Advisor service, hosted at The Measurement Factory, as well as binary and source code distributions. Please visit the Co-Advisor site or contact us for more information.

Web Polygraph

Our performance benchmark for caching proxies, origin server accelerators, L4/7 switches, content filters, and other Web intermediaries. Polygraph features high-performance HTTP clients and servers, realistic traffic generation and content simulation, and a powerful domain-specific configuration language. Web Polygraph and the PolyMix family of workloads are the de-facto standard for Web caching proxy performance testing. The benchmark is distributed in source code form and on a PolyBox appliance. Please visit the Polygraph site or contact us for more information.


A libpcap application (ala tcpdump) that displays various tables of DNS traffic on your network. Currently dnstop displays tables of: source IP addresses, destination IP addresses, query types, top level domains, and second level domains. dnstop is open source software, licensed under the BSD-style license.


DNS Statistics Collector is designed to collect and aggregate statistics from busy authoritative name servers, such as those used by TLD and root server operators.


A Perl script that captures and displays DNS messages on your network. Think of dnsdump as an alternative to running tcpdump port domain. You can control dnsdump's output using a printf-like format string.

Traffic Spicer

Traffic Spicer is a bare-bones ICAP server, compatible with popular HTTP proxies that support ICAP (RFC 3507). We develop Spicer modules that our clients use to perform traffic analysis and custom HTTP message manipulations. Please visit the Spicer site or contact us for more information.

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