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PolyMix-4 Results
Fourth Cache-Off December 2001 The Official Report from the Fourth TMF Cache-Off
ARA Networks C3300 January 2002 Individual test for ARA Networks conducted in Boulder, CO
PolyMix-3 Results
Third Cache-Off October 2000 The Official Report from the Third TMF Cache-Off
PolyMix-2 Results
Second Cache-Off January 2000 The Official Report from the Second IRCache Cache-Off
InfoLibria 30i March 2000 Individual test for InfoLibria conducted in Boulder, CO
Stratacache Flyer F-100, Express E-55 April 2000 Individual test for Stratacache conducted in Boulder, CO
DataComm-1 Results
Data Communications Tests July 1999 Tests that we did for Data Communications Magazine
CacheFlow CF-5000 November 1999 Individual test for CacheFlow conducted in Boulder, CO
Lucent IPWorX WebCache-100 December 1999 Individual test for Lucent conducted in Boulder, CO
PolyMix-1 Results
First Cache-Off April 1999 The Official Report from the First IRCache Cache-Off
Dell ICS-130A, ICS-130B, ICS-435B, ICS-635A, ICS-635B June 1999 Individual test for Dell conducted in Boulder, CO

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